Chuck Roots

Chuck (the new Lead) found Barbershop at the Fresno Gold-Note Chorus’ 1973 Show.  He chased it around the world as a Vietnam Vet Marine and Navy Chaplain, until his first experience with the Stockton Portsmen when stationed at the Rough and Ready Island Navy Base as Chaplain.

He has gone on to have membership in several Chapters throughout the country, including the International Champion Alexandria Harmonizers on their 75th D-Day Performance Tour.  He sung in several pick-up quartets, but Tune Struck is his first formal registered quartet.

Chuck has served in serval administrative capacities, including Stockton Chapter President and Far Western District Divisional President

He is a retired Free Methodist Minister, and is active in many service organizations.  He has been married to Isaura since 1976, has two daughters and several grandchildren.