A Quartet Ringing with Barbershop Harmony

Formed in 2003 to serve as a ‘Step-Out’ quartet during the Stockton Portsmen’s Annual Show, we are a proud member of the Barbershop Harmony Society and have entertained in the greater Stockton area ever since.

Regular performances of the National Anthem for local sporting events, such as the Stockton Ports, UOP Tigers, and other teams and venues have been our mainstay, as well as Holiday performances at the Micke Grove ‘Festival of Trees’, Lincoln Center, and the Dillard’s ‘VIP Shopping Experience’, Chapter Shows, Singing Valentines, Birthday wishes, and the like fill out our public performances. We have competed in Society sponsored contests, being recognized as the California East Novice Champions in 2005 and 2008. We had the pleasure of performing as the School Board Quartet in Delta College’s 2007 production of ‘The Music Man’.

Having had such a long tenure, we have had a few personnel changes and are currently on our third configuration, where we plan to continue providing Barbershop style music to individuals, groups, churches and anyone else interested in family style entertainment.

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