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TuneStruck (toon` struk) adj. – Mentally affected or deranged by the influence of singing barbershop harmony. The dictionary describes this ailment as being afflicted suddenly, as with a disease or impairment, to necessitate harmonizing to a simple, easily remembered melody. That pretty much sums up this group of guys that just love to sing.

But these guys didn’t used to be that way. No one is born with this infirmity. It sneaks up on them when they least expect it. And based on the appearance of this quartet, being tunestruck promotes hair loss! The longer you’ve been struck…well you get the idea.

Be Careful!!! The worst thing about this malady is how contagious it is. During a performance you will be subjected to demonstrations of expanded sound which can actually cause ringing in your ears. Don’t be too alarmed – hearing barbershop music isn’t usually as infectious as actually singing it – catch them after any show and they’ll be happy to sing with you giving you a dose up close and personal.

Prepare to be TuneStruck!!!