Al Wolter

Al (Tune Struck’s original Tenor) is a second generation Barbershopper. His dad, Gordy Wolter, was a Fifty-Year Member and a member of the Far Western District’s wackiest quartets, The Beaver Inn Four. One of Al’s earliest childhood memories is of his dad’s first quartet, The Badger Statesmen, coming back from a performance in Wisconsin. Gordy was a founding member of the Beloit Wisconsin Chapter.

While he often went to the Whittier Chapter meetings with his dad and was on stage in the chapter’s production of “Showboat” at age 12, he didn’t join The Society until 1985. An interaction with the Narragansett Bay Chorus from Providence RI that year, highlighted his need to find his voice. Since then, he’s been a member of five chapters; Whittier, Stockton, Sacramento, Central California, and the Frank Thorne Chapter-at-Large; three registered quartets; and has participated in chorus contests singing bass, lead, and tenor – guess he is still trying to find it.

Al has held ALL the Chapter Board positions, served as Show Chairman, as well as Assistant Director, Choreography Coach and Section Leader and has been recognized as Stockton’s Barbershopper of the Year. He is also a Far Western District Bachelor of Harmony, an honor he shared with his father (the first father and son recipients). He has been a member of the NorCal-East Divisional Novice Quartet Champion three times (with Right from The Start in 2000 and Tune Struck in 2005 & 2008),

He divides his barbershopping activities with the time he shares with his wife Donna, whom he married Valentine’s Day in 1988, her three grown children and their families (including his 10 grandchildren).